General Resources

The resources provided here will not only help prepare for the Science Olympiad tournament, but will help you teach light related concepts throughout the year.

How Light Works

Sure, this event is about optics, but what about the basics of light. Use this site as a perfect primer to get students started on the science of light.

Light: A Lab Manual for Teachers
Developed with a grant from the OSA Foundation, this book was written for K-12 teachers and contains 30 ready-to-go labs, complete with answer key, as well as 10 demonstrations. Most of the activities can be conducted with common materials found at department or hardware stores, or easily ordered online.

Optics and Photonics: Essential Technologies for Our Nation (2013)

Optics and photonics technologies are ubiquitous: they are responsible for the displays on smart phones and computing devices, optical fiber that carries the information in the Internet, advanced precision manufacturing, enhanced defense capabilities, and a plethora of medical diagnostics tools. The opportunities arising from optics and photonics offer the potential for even greater societal impact in the next few decades, including solar power generation and new efficient lighting that could transform the nation's energy landscape and new optical capabilities that will be essential to support the continued exponential growth of the Internet.

International Year of Light

Website contains a large number of resources about light and light based technologies. It includes a full set of K-12 lessons and resources, free downloads of books and manuals, as well as videos and posters.